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Affordable Dentistry Sunnyvale
At Tooth Spa in Sunnyvale, CA, each of our spacious treatment rooms has views to either a lush garden or customized aquariums to create an atmosphere of calm and privacy. All dental chairs are equipped with a built-in massage unit and a personal monitor for movies and entertainment pleasures during dental treatment. There are comfortable recliners, a 50” plasma television, and a beverage bar to entertain family members while they wait in the waiting room.

High Tech Cleanings

Behind the soothing milieu is the technology that further provides comfort to each visit. Cleanings are done with piezo scaler vibrating water tips. Intraoral films are taken with ultra-low radiation digital x-rays. Anesthetic is provided with a pre-numbing gel.

These are just a few examples of dental advancements and technologies utilized to maximize patient comfort and minimize unnecessary exposure and discomfort. At the Tooth Spa, we utilize the highest quality of materials to decrease treatment times, and we choose restorations that provide longevity and aesthetics.

Green Dental Office

We are proud to be a “Green” office in which we strive to be environmentally friendly in the materials we use while controlling waste to the environment. All instruments are separately sealed in bags and autoclave sterilized using high heat and steam vs. traditional chemical sterilization. Using ultra-low digital x-rays reduces customer exposure to radiation by 90% vs. traditional film x-rays while eliminating the need for chemical developers, fixers, and film.

We use mercury-free resin composite materials for fillings vs. traditional mercury-filled amalgam fillings. Paper charts and insurance submittals are all stored electronically, reducing paper waste by 90%. Every little bit of conservation helps our environment, and we do our best to contribute to that cause!

Our Dental Affilations

We are proud to be members of the American Dental Association, the California Dental Association, and the Santa Clara County Dental Society.

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