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Praise From Our Patients

Here are some of the kind words we have received from our patients over the years. If you have a testimonial you would like to submit, we would love to hear from you!

- Kevin W.
Mountain View, CA
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The dental chairs can actually give massages. Highly recommend this place and having been with Tooth Spa for the last 5 years I do have a lot of stories to say about them. I have been with Dr. Grace and it has been a good experience. The first appointment I was with her she told me I was a grinder and recommended a night guard. I wish I knew this earlier.. could've saved a couple root canals probably. She did a few fillings and they all worked out well, none needed rework so far. I did a few crowns with them and every time she would make sure they fit perfectly, if not she would return the crowns to be remade (free of charge to me of course). She tends to recommend conservative plans - for example last time another dentist I worked with recommended a root lengthening procedure (actually a surgery) because I didn't have enough tooth exposed for the crown. I was not happy about having to do it but thought it was inevitable. In the evening Dr. Grace went through my document and called me to recommend a conservative approach (I don't remember the details) without the surgery. In the end it worked well very well. There is also another instance she tried to save me a root canal and succeeded too - those are the things I appreciate rather than just send me to a root canal doctor.
Liz L.
Sunnyvale, CA
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I've always had a positive experience. I have been going to this dentist for a little over a year now and I am truly impressed. I've always had a positive experience. The dentists are very knowledgeable and friendly. Catherine was my dental hygienist during my last few visits and she is sooo nice and really fun to talk to! The dentist came in and was able to spot a developing cavity from a tiny spot in the x-rays.Last year I chipped a tooth from an awful fall. I called up Tooth Spa the next day and they told me to come in right then and there. I was afraid the procedure was going to take a long time but the dentist quickly patched up my tooth, did an amazing job, and sent me on my way!And it certainly helps that they really give you as close to a spa treatment that a dentist can provide - the patient chairs are also massage chairs! And I love the tropical feel with the fish tanks and decor!
Jonathan H.
Morgan Hill, CA
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The Waiting Room : It's a pleasant place to be in, with comfortable chairs and soothing decor. The first time I visited Finding Nemo was on, which I thought was great. There also is a large, beautiful aquarium. Really every time I've been there I haven't waited very much at all. The Staff: Dr. Grace does the exams and cleanings. She is gentle, precise, detailed, and communicates very well. There is an aura of competence about here that I find soothing, and others might find cold. The first time I went she gave me a cleaning and scheduled me back to have a couple cavities filled. Her brother, Dr. David, did the cavity filling. Of course it wasn't fun, but he did a great job and the procedure was uneventful. I've been back for another cleaning, which was swift (under a half-hour) and painless.
Jeffray H.
Sunnyvale, CA
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I've been going to Tooth spa for about 3-4 years now and have never had a bad experience.Doctors dave and grace have always been patient and understanding, always making sure that Im fully comfortable with everything going on. When issues have come up I feel completely confident in their resolutions and have never doubted a suggestion.During procedures everything is put together to make you as comfortable as possible. When shots were necessary time was taken to numb/prep the area first then the injections themselves were done so slowly and carefully.As long as I'm in the area I will be coming to Tooth Spa every six months. Not to say that I WANT to come back for anything more than that but at least I know that I'll be well taken care of.
Suzanne K.
San Carlos, CA
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Our family all loves Dr. Grace and Dr. David! They are gentle, kind and competent as good for a 6 or 36 year old. We love them.
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