Family Dentist In Sunnyvale

Family Dentistry

In today’s busy world, meeting the dental needs of every member of a household can be difficult. With so many options out there, it can be difficult to choose a professional that can provide dental care for not one, but all of the members of a family. Tooth Spa Dental is a family dentist in Sunnyvale that makes it convenient for families to go to the dentist together.

From child dental care to adult and senior dental care, our family dentists are able to provide dental care for the entire family. We keep things simple and can provide a wide range of dental services to meet the needs of your family members, young and old. If you are looking for a family dentist in the Sunnyvale area, look no further than the caring dental professionals at Tooth Spa.

Dental Insurance For Families

Many dental insurance companies include family dentistry providers in their network of dentists. In fact, people might find that insurers advise families to go to a single dentistry practice as it makes billing and payment easier for both the insurer and the billing office of the provider.

With this, parents will not have to worry about whether their children’s dental office accepts their insurance company or whether the payments for procedures will vary per visit. As long as the insurer remains the same and the practice is included in the network, parents can be assured that their children can be seen and have their dental concerns addressed.

A Sunnyvale Dentist For Adults & Kids

Family Dentistry

Tooth Spa serves adults and kids in our office. In fact, parents may find that their dental issues do not vary greatly from that of their children. Adults, like children, need to have their teeth cleaned regularly and are susceptible to the same issues, like cavities and gingivitis, as their children.

However, studies have shown that grown-ups tend to be just as fearful of the dentist as children. At Tooth Spa, we are well versed in calming fearful kids prior to being treated. We can use the same soothing techniques on adults to calm patients before they are examined.

Finding A Reliable Dentist

Finding a reliable family dentist in Sunnyvale can be a challenge to people who are new to a location or whose previous dentist may have retired. Whether you found us online or were referred by a friend, we are glad that you have found us. Once you visit Tooth Spa, we are confident we will be the only dentist that you visit as long as you live in the Sunnyvale area.

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