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We take great pride in operating one of the most technologically advanced dental offices in the Sunnyvale, Mountain View, and Santa Clara area. We use the latest and greatest dental equipment and all of our dentists expand their knowledge with continuing education.We keep abreast of the newest technologies and advances to provide multiple options to provide the highest standard of aesthetic dentistry.

ComputerizationBay Area Dentist Technology

Our entire office is computerized to allow seamless access to all of the information that our doctors need to ensure your dental care proceeds as smoothly as possible. Monitors are available in every treatment room, allowing efficient and secure access to your individual files and history.Communications about your future appointments are made available immediately to our appointment coordinators ensuring quick checking in and out. Charts include all images radiographic and digital that allows us to easily monitor your progress from year to year. In addition, if you were in need of specialist care we can easily share your records reducing the number of x-rays you need to take elsewhere. Lastly, your charts are paperless and by choosing our office, you choose to reduce paper waste in our environmentally-friendly office.

Intraoral Cameras

Iris Intraoral CameraIntraoral cameras reveal the truth about your teeth. People seldom have a clear idea of the actual status of their dental health. Even with lights and mirrors, it’s tough to see anything but the front of your own teeth. But intraoral cameras have changed all of that. Now you can sit comfortably back in the chair while the dentist or hygienist inserts a handy pen-sized, camera-tipped wand into your mouth.The wand simply takes a video of the inside of your mouth and transmits the images via cable to a computing unit. The computing unit enlarges the full-color images and sends them to a TV screen. Suddenly both you and your dentist are able to view together every last detail of your oral health.

SterilizationSouth Bay Dentist Keeps Things CleanDental Office Sunnyvale Sterilization

In order to meet or exceed the very stringent Federal and State regulations regarding the maintenance and sterilization of dental instruments, we use the most modern techniques and equipment available within our industry.All instruments are ultrasonically scrubbed and then sterilized in a high heat steam autoclave machine. The instruments are sealed in protective bags before the sterilization process and remain in these until they are brought to the treatment chair. We test our sterilizers on a daily basis to ensure the safest environment for all of our patients.

Digital RadiographySunnyvale Dentist Digital Xrays

Digital radiography, or computerized X-ray, is part of the high-tech services that we provide by utilizing the DEXIS® Digital X-ray system. Digital X-rays use 90% less radiation than traditional film. Instead of a piece of film, the system’s sensor is placed in the mouth to capture an X-ray.The DEXIS® system uses a sensor with rounded corners and a smooth casing that makes the process of taking X-rays more quick and comfortable for you. In addition, there is no waiting—as soon as the X-ray is taken, it appears immediately on the computer monitor. And because of the enhancements in the digital X-ray software program, we are better able to diagnose and treat conditions.All images have a higher resolution, therefore, a greater enlargement capability which makes diagnosis more effective for early preventative care. Lastly, no toxic chemicals are used with this method creating an environmentally friendly office.

Panoramic ImagingPanoramic Digital Xrays

With panoramic imaging, we are able to take x-rays of your teeth from outside your moth. The panoramic film machine emits a beam rather than relying on film placed inside the mouth. This computer-assisted technology swivels around the individual, enabling us to comfortably take a 360° view of the mouth within seconds.Panoramic x-rays are an important tool in monitoring pediatric dental development, early diagnosis of bone and gum disease, oral cancer, joint dysfunction, sinus deformities or disease, detecting trauma, and for obtaining baseline data for ongoing and long-term dental care. No chemicals are used in the processing of your images and no waste is put out into the environment with this method. Radiation is also reduced by 90% compared to film-based methods.

Green technology

We are proud to be a “Green” office in which we strive to be environmentally friendly in the materials we use while controlling waste to the environment. All instruments are separately sealed in bags and autoclave sterilized using high heat and steam vs. traditional chemical sterilization. Using ultra-low digital x-rays reduces customer exposure to radiation by 90% vs. traditional film x-rays while eliminating the need for chemical developers, fixers, and film.We use mercury-free resin composite materials for fillings vs. traditional mercury filled amalgam fillings. All water used in our office is distilled and also exits through a multi-step filtration system trapping all particles to be separately disposed of. Paper charts and insurance submittals are all stored electronically reducing paper waste by 90%. Every little bit of conservation helps our environment and we do our best to contribute to that cause!

Comfort technology

In each spacious operatory, all dental chairs are equipped with built-in air compression massage units and a personal monitor for video entertainment during dental treatments. Aromatherapy pillows, blankets, and earplugs are available to ensure a stress-free visit.From the minute you step into Tooth Spa our focus is on your comfort. The waiting room is a living room equipped with comfortable seating, plasma television, and a beverage bar to entertain you and your family members while they wait.

Conscious sedation-Nitrous oxide

Imagine not being afraid to go to the dentist. Imagine being able to accomplish all of your dental care needs in a few short visits. If you have been putting off dental work, then sedation dentistry can change your life. One of the advantages of Nitrous oxide sedation methods is that it helps make you comfortable during certain procedures. Inhaled through a small mask that fits over your nose, nitrous oxide is mixed with oxygen to help you relax.Your provider at Tooth Spa will ask you to breathe normally through your nose, and within a few short minutes, you should start to feel the effects of the nitrous oxide. You may feel light-headed or a tingling in your arms and legs. Some people say their arms and legs feel heavy. Ultimately, you should feel calm and comfortable.Nitrous oxide is not intended to put you to sleep. You will be able to hear and respond to any requests or directions the dentist may have. This is called “conscious sedation. ” The effects of nitrous oxide wear off soon after the treatment has ended and the mask is removed creating a safe and virtually side effect free way of easing any anxieties.

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