Common Dental Problems

Common Dental Problems

Visit Tooth Spa for the treatment of common dental problems in Sunnyvale. Some preventable dental issues include tooth decay, periodontal or gum disease, bad breath, and tooth erosion. At Tooth Spa, we diagnose and successfully treat each of these issues.

Tooth Decay

If you have ever suffered from tooth decay, you know how painful it can be. How do we get tooth decay? What can you do to prevent from happening and what should you do if you’re currently suffering from tooth pain? Tooth decay comes from the bacteria, which is naturally present in our mouths. It helps to break down dietary sugar and in the process releases acid, which is responsible for the small hole created in the tooth or cavity.

Tooth decay can be prevented by reducing the number of sugary foods one consumes and by brushing regularly. If you are currently suffering from tooth decay, you should give us a call immediately.

Gum Disease

Bacteria from plaque and tartar buildup primarily cause gum or periodontal disease. The task of brushing and flossing our teeth every day is imperative in order to avoid gum disease. Some studies have shown that an estimated 75% of all Americans have some form of gum disease. Periodontal disease has been linked to other serious health issues and can cause various dental problems that would normally be preventable.

Bad Breath

Chronic bad breath is one of the most common dental problems. Bad breath or Halitosis can be caused by poor dental hygiene, throat infections, gum disease, or many other reasons. No one should have to suffer from persistent bad breath. At Tooth Spa, we are more than willing to examine your teeth, mouth, and gums and determine the proper course of action to remedy your chronic bad breath.

Tooth Erosion

Repeated exposure to acidic chemicals can wear away the outer covering of the enamel of your teeth and cause tooth erosion. Anyone who consumes a lot of carbonated beverages, people that are heavy coffee or tea drinkers, or individuals who consume sports drinks, are all at risk for tooth erosion. Some evidence suggests that people who suffer from bulimia also may be at risk for tooth erosion. With the help of our dentists, tooth erosion can be corrected.

Make A Dentist Appointment In Sunnyvale

At Tooth Spa, we focus on making your visit the most comfortable and effective visit imaginable. We offer the highest quality dental care in Sunnyvale; that combined with unmatched comfort and technology guarantees you a great dental experience.

If you’re suffering from tooth decay, bad breath, gum disease, tooth erosion, or any other dental issue, call us to schedule an appointment today. We look forward to assisting you and we always welcome new patients.

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