Repairing A Broken Tooth

Broken Tooth

Tooth Spa in Sunnyvale can completely restore your broken or chipped teeth. Broken, chipped, and cracked teeth can occur at any time for a number of reasons. Oftentimes, a chipped tooth happens as a result of physical trauma to the mouth from something accidental like a slip and fall. However, a broken tooth or cracked tooth can also be the direct result of an underlying cause.

Avoiding Future Problems

Often times teeth may have cavities that develop over time that may not be detectable without regular dental visits. Eventually, a tooth can crack when pressure is applied to it, such as when doing something as simple as taking a bite of food or chewing a piece of gum.

Not only are broken teeth an eyesore to look at, but they can also be dangerous if left alone. Over time, a broken tooth can decay further causing an infection. Occasionally this can lead to pain in however, often times they can be asymptomatic as well. Often we can easily diagnose the issue by a visual exam and an xray. It is important to see our Sunnyvale dentists right away upon noticing even a small chip or cracked tooth so that we can help find the root cause and offer the appropriate treatment options.

Dental Restoration

There are different dental restoration options that are available for a cracked or chipped tooth. The one that will apply best for any given situation varies greatly depending on the severity of the tooth damage.

For minor chips, the enamel can be polished to remove sharp edges to prevent further fracture. Most commonly a tooth-colored filling can be placed to protect and restore tooth structure.

With larger fractures, ceramic veneers or full coverage crowns may be need to provide adequate support.

Fix A Broken Tooth In Sunnyvale

If you have a tooth that is broken or chipped, now is the time to make an appointment with Tooth Spa in Sunnyvale and have it taken care of by a professional before the damage gets any worse.

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