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Tooth Spa’s dentist office in Sunnyvale is a short drive for our patients coming from San Jose. Here at Tooth Spa you can find soothing dental care for the entire family. Each member of our team of dentists is practiced in providing the most comfortable care for your teeth with the lowest impact on the environment. Our services range from the most basic check ups with digital radiography and our mercury-free fillings to cosmetic dental procedures like whitening or veneers. Tooth Spa offers quality care and comfort-unmatched by most San Jose dentists.

When it comes to dental care, too many people neglect it because they are afraid the dentist or pain in the chair. At Tooth Spa, we strive to ensure all of our patients have a pleasant experience at our dentist office. Part of easing the fears of our patients is effective communication between our dentists and the patient. One of the biggest fears besides pain is anticipating pain or a fear of what is happening in your mouth. As our dental experts work, they let you know what to expect.

Besides communication with our patients, we also have other methods of helping you to relax. Nothing is as soothing as a massage, and our dental chairs have a built-in massage feature. We use aroma therapy to put you in a more laid-back mood. As we work on your teeth, you can also watch movies from the dental chair to keep your mind off the procedure and your ears off the sounds of the office.

Our comforting dental techniques and amenities are not just for use when we do general dentistry procedures on your teeth. If you have a smile that does not meet your expectations, we can help with our range of cosmetic dental offerings. Veneers and Lumineers may be used if you have chipped, or slightly uneven teeth. These fit over the teeth for a picture-perfect smile. A fixed bridge may be used to replace one or more missing teeth in your mouth to prevent the remaining teeth from moving. These bridges remain in your mouth. Dental implants in your jaw may be used as the base for supporting a bridge or replacement teeth. Our whitening procedure brightens your smile more effectively than over-the-counter whitening products or toothpastes.

When it comes to choosing a dentist office in San Jose, you have many options, but for cosmetic and general dentistry in a luxurious, spa-like atmosphere, take the short drive to Sunnvale and visit us at Tooth Spa.

Directions From San Jose

Head northwest on CA-87 N. Take exit 9B on the left for US-101 N toward San Francisco. Keep right at the fork, follow signs for Trimble Rd/De La Cruz Blvd. Turn left onto W Trimble Rd. Take the first right onto Central Expy. Turn right onto Cobalt Way. Make the first possible right: Toothspa is on the right and our address is 1210 E Arques Ave. Ste. # 212.

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