Lorena Thompson RDA

Registered Dental Assistant

  • Lorena Thompson RDA Lorena was born in Nicaragua, Central America. She moved to the United States in 1988.
  • Lorena has been with the Tooth Spa since 2005.
  • She began her Dental Assistant career by volunteering at Community Clinics for low income families.
  • She graduated in 2001 from Advanced School of Dental Assisting in San Jose, CA.
  • She became a California Registered Dental Assistant in 2009.
  • At this time she actively engaged in providing a peaceful and warm environment for dental care, and understands the importance of gentle comprehensive family care.
  • Lorena also commits to her profession by attending continuing education courses on advancements in dental health and often attends conferences with the doctors to assist in achieving efficient and advance care.
  • Lorena visits local schools to educate and provide low income family dental screenings. She has also volunteered abroad with the Global Health Organization to provide dental care for families overseas.
  • Ultimately, Lorena aspires to pursue a Hygiene or Dental degree.
  • Outside of dentistry, Lorena’s favorite past times include spending time with her family, friends, and salsa dancing.

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