Emergency Dental Care

Visit Tooth Spa for emergency dental care in Sunnyvale. If you have extreme tooth pain, waiting to see a dentist can be agonizing. Tooth pain can severely disrupt your lifestyle, including the inability to eat, sleep and function normally. The excruciating pain needs to be dealt with right away, and an emergency dentist is needed. Our Sunnyvale emergency dentists offer same day service to patients in need of immediate care.

Missing Fillings

One common cause of emergency tooth pain is a missing filling. This happens when a cavity's filling becomes loose and somehow gets swallowed or is otherwise lost. This can cause pain if the cavity is deep, as it can leave the interior of the tooth, potentially exposing the nerve. If the nerve is exposed, this can cause terrible pain. Even if the nerve is not exposed, a missing filling can lead to further damage of the tooth if a hard food is chewed and an exposed surface breaks off. A missing filling is something that needs to be treated right away, and our emergency dentists in Sunnyvale can replace it on short notice.

Broken Tooth

Another common issue dealt with by our emergency dentists is tooth repair. Whether you have broken a tooth and need a molar repaired or are an athlete who accidentally had a tooth knocked out, the emergency dentists at Tooth Spa can handle it all. Since no one wants to walk around missing teeth, this is often something that the patients want dealt with right away. Replacing the tooth immediately can also help prevent gum infections, as it is difficult to clean food out from crevices in the gums. An infection like that can turn an inconvenience into a very serious problem.

Severe Tooth Aches

A severe tooth ache may also develop into something that requires the attention of an emergency dentist. Often, people will put off going to the dentist, hoping the tooth ache will go away on its own. Suddenly, you might wake up in the middle of the night and have crippling pain that needs to be deal with immediately. Waiting a few days to see a dentist is simply not feasible. In situations like these, the problem needs to be dealt with immediately to ensure that is it not something that could possibly spread.

Emergency Dental Care In Sunnyvale

Tooth Spa has the experience necessary to handle any emergency dental situation that may arise. Our dentists have the knowledge and compassion to treat all patient on short notice, allowing you to get on with your life. We will fix whatever problems you may have, including missing fillings, tooth aches, broken tooth repairs or emergency extractions. For an emergency dentist in Sunnyvale, CA, contact Tooth Spa today.


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