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Tooth Spa is a family and cosmetic dentist in Sunnyvale, CA. We are dedicated to providing quality dental care in a comfortable setting. Our Sunnyvale dentist office has convenient morning to late evening appointments, and we are available for dental emergencies. Tooth Spa accepts most dental insurance and would be happy to check your insurance for you.

Our COVID-19 Response - We're Open!

We are open, accepting patients, and performing dental care during our normal business hours starting June 1, 2020. To reduce the spread of COVID-19, our office is taking extra precautionary measures at the time of your appointment to ensure patient and staff safety.

Looking For A Good Dentist In Sunnyvale?

Whether the need is for a regular dental cleaning or something more involved such as cosmetic dentistry, finding a good dentist in Sunnyvale doesn't have to be difficult. Employing some of the best Sunnyvale dentists, Tooth Spa focuses on educating patients on their dental needs and goals. Our dental clinic in Sunnyvale offers the latest in technology while still catering to the individual patient. We make our patients feel at home so going to the dentist is not a scary experience.

Here at Tooth Spa, we focus on making a dental check-up as comfortable as possible, as well as affordable. Using green technology, comfort technology and conscious sedation, we are able to provide the best care for our patients. If you are looking for a good dentist in Sunnyvale for you and your family, visit Tooth Spa. Service is our dedication to you, and it is what keeps our patients returning generation after generation.

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Quality Dental Care

  • Intra Oral Cameras For Patient Education
  • Water Tip Comfort Cleaning
  • No Chemical Processing
  • Mercury Free Fillings
  • Digital Radiographs For Decreased Exposure
  • Green Dentist Office

Unmatched Comfort

  • In Chair Amenities
  • Built In Massage Chairs
  • In Chair Movies
  • Comfort Mind Technology
  • Aroma Therapy
  • Stress Free Environment

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