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Visit Tooth Spa for ultrasonic cleaning in Sunnyvale. Our experienced dental hygienists are experts at teeth cleaning. Here at the Tooth Spa, we are here to meet your needs. A healthy smile starts with healthy gums. Having your teeth cleaned is an essential part of dental care. Not only does it provide you with the maintenance needed to avoid periodontal disease, it enables you to prevent or keep an eye on any developing cavities in your teeth.

Dental Hygienists & Teeth Cleaning

Good oral hygiene at home is important, but a professional teeth cleaning by our licensed hygienist's are equally as important. Cleanings are customized according to each patients needs and generally include gentle vibrating water tip cleanings with polishing, fluoride treatment, and education about your oral health. 

Preventing Gum Disease

Our mouths are full of bacteria. These bacteria are constantly working to form colorless "plaque" on teeth. Brushing and flossing does help get rid of plaque, however, plaque that is not removed will harden and form bacteria-harboring "tartar" that brushing can not clean. Only a professional cleaning can remove this material and get you back on track to having healthy gums.


Dentist Checkup SunnyvaleGingivitis is when the gums become inflamed, red, and bleed easily. It is, however a mild form of gum disease and can be reversed with proper oral hygiene and regular cleanings by your dental hygienist. When gingivitis is not treated, it can develop into periodontitis. A patient's gums will recede and form pockets where infections will occur. This will eventually lead to bone loss. Once bone loss has occurred, it is very difficult to regain what you have lost.

Follow Up - Every 6 Months

Tooth Spa dental hygienists use advanced tools and techniques, including ultrasonic water tips, to gently remove the build up of plaque that is deposited on your teeth daily. We recommend having your teeth professionally cleaned every three, four or six months depending on your need and routine examination of your teeth by one of our dentists is recommended twice a year. This may include yearly dental digital X-rays as well. This will enable our dentist to see if you have any needed treatment beyond what a teeth cleaning can provide. This will also ensure that your treatment needs are met in a timely fashion.

Your Sunnyvale Dentist

Teeth Cleaning Sunnyvale Teeth Cleaning at Tooth Spa in Sunnyvale can help you keep up with your recommended scheduled cleanings in order to maintain a healthy, clean mouth and prevent gum disease and cavities. Let us clean and polish your pearly whites to perfection, leaving your teeth feeling clean and smooth. We'll be your right hand in oral hygiene care.


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