Mercury Free Fillings

Mercury Free FillingsTooth Spa dental clinic in Sunnyvale offers mercury free fillings. We only create fillings made from mercury free materials and we can replace your old fillings with mercury free fillings. We do our best to ensure your visit to our office is comfortable and pleasant. Tooth Spa stays current with the latest technology and up to date with the newest dental procedures. Contact us today to make an appointment and get more information about mercury free fillings and the procedure we use to replace old fillings.

Mercury Filling Replacement Procedures

In the past, mercury fillings were commonly used by dentists. They are a mixture of half silver and half mercury, used to fill the tooth after cavity removal. Unfortunately, mercury has been found to be a poisonous element that becomes a vapor and is inhaled and absorbed into the body when used as a dental filling. Mercury fillings can be dangerous and damaging in many different ways. The silver filling inside the tooth can usually identify the presence of mercury. If you are concerned about the fillings already in your mouth from previous dental procedures, you can have them removed and refilled with a mercury free filling at Tooth Spa. We can replace and restore your old fillings with a composite compound that is safe and free of mercury. This will also give your tooth a more natural look and feel.

Mercury Free Fillings In Sunnyvale

We use composite fillings to make your teeth look natural and healthy. Unlike previous filling materials that look dark silver or gold, we only use new composite material for fillings. Our fillings have physical properties closer to that of natural tooth structure. The composite we use will reduce tooth decay and restore the tooth rather than just filling the inside of it.

The Benefits Of Mercury Free Fillings

The benefit of getting mercury free fillings is that not only are they safer than the old silver fillings, but they also look more natural and match the color of your teeth. These fillings are strong enough to reduce cracks, chips, wear, staining, and breaks. Many dentists are now practicing mercury free dentistry as the new standard in dental technology.

Call Tooth Spa in Sunnyvale to make an appointment for a checkup or to find out about getting your old fillings replaced at our dental clinic. You will be pleased with the results of your procedure and the caring nature of those employed here. The staff at Tooth Spa is proud to offer our patients the best dentistry available today.


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