Children's Dentist
Pediatric Dentist In Sunnyvale

If you are looking for a children's dentist in Sunnyvale, contact Tooth Spa. Dr. David Chyuwei and Dr. Grace Chyuwei are a brother and sister team of dentists who have over ten years of experience in children's dental care. Our professional staff loves having kids in the office and we naturally interact with them on their level. The younger a child is on their first dental visit, the easier it is to instill good oral hygiene habits.


We understand that logistics are difficult if you and your children have to go to separate dentists. At Tooth Spa, we treat both kids and adults. Our adult and children's dental clinic in Sunnyvale is dedicated to offering quality family and cosmetic dentistry to people of all ages. It is common for families to make appointments for both adults and children on the same day. In order to accommodate out patients, we offer morning and late evening appointments.


Young children who go to the dentist early in life often experience less anxiety visiting the dentist when they are older. Good oral hygiene and regular dental check ups are good habits to form at a young age. We do offer a number of stress relieving technologies for children who may become nervous during a dental visit. Education often helps relieve tension when children understand what procedure we are doing and why we are doing it.


Children can take advantage of the same amenities that adults enjoy when visiting Tooth Spa. Some of our comfort measures include music, stuffed animals, massage chairs, aromatherapy and movies among others. These distractions, along with our stress free surroundings can put children at ease immediately.

Anyone looking for a children's dentist in Sunnyvale can benefit from a relationship with Tooth Spa. We accept most insurance plans and we also accept cash paying patients without insurance. Our dentists provide all of our young patients with quality dental care in a comfortable setting.


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