Restorative Care

Tooth Spa of Sunnydale offers all types of restorative dental care including crowns, bridges, implants, root canals and dentures.

What Is Restorative Dental Care

Restorative care helps restore your tooth to a natural-looking and healthy state when it has has decayed, chipped, been damaged or has been removed. Sometimes there are multiple options for tooth restoration and your dentist will be able to discuss the individual merits of each option to you after an examination.

Who Needs Restorative Care?

Anyone with a compromised tooth can benefit from tooth restoration. You may need restorative care for your tooth if it has been broken or chipped, if decaying has occurred, or if the tooth was completely removed. Whether it was the result of trauma to the mouth or from something such as a cavity, we can help you find the solution to restore your beautiful smile.

Types Of Procedures

Crowns are often used to prevent the remainder of the tooth from cracking when cavities have left only thin walls of enamel. They are also used for significantly damaged teeth from external trauma that have been cracked. They can also be applied to fix teeth that are misaligned. This procedure usually comes in two parts including the use of a temporary crown and a permanent crowd. After the temporary crown is attached, you will need to return for a second visit to exchange it for the permanent crown that will be cemented in your mouth.

Bridges are used when there are two crowns next to each other. A bridge is a fake tooth that is created in-between the two crowns and attached inside your mouth as one unit. You cannot floss between the bridge, and you will need the aid of a floss threader to help keep it clean.

Dental implants are attached to the bone and act as the new root to which a tooth or crown can be attached. They are composed of metal and are a permanent solution used to help a natural tooth that cannot be saved.

Dentures are either full or partial sets of teeth made of plastic and metal. They are used when a large area of teeth are missing and are removable. You do not necessarily have the ability to bite into food because there aren't any bones supporting the actual dentures.

Root canals are used when an abscess forms at the root of a tooth, causing infection in the pulp. The pulp then must be removed and the roots cleaned out. The root area is then filled with a rubber-like material and the tooth is filled, or it may need a crown. The crown may also need a post and core depending on the amount of damage caused by an infection.

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