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At Tooth Spa, your friendly family and cosmetic dentistry practice in Sunnyvale CA, we are dedicated to providing your complete dental care in a comfortable and relaxed setting. As part of our family dentistry and cosmetic dental services, we offer inlays and onlays as two of our most common restorative dental procedures. Whether you need to schedule an appointment at a convenient time to have your dental inlay or onlay procedure or if you need an emergency inlay or onlay service, our team at Tooth Spa is here to meet all of your dental needs.


When your tooth requires a filling more extensive than a simple amalgam or composite procedure, we look to inlays as a way to restore the structure and function to the tooth. An inlay is a good option for a dental restoration if the cavity in your tooth is large or if your tooth has an extensive fracture that compromises its structure. Our inlays are created with gold or porcelain built to withstand the powerful forces in your mouth when you bite and chew. With an inlay, the decay cannot spread any further into the tooth. An inlay is superior to a traditional filling in its ability to withstand high force, resist further decay, is easy to keep clean, and can be fit precisely to the shape of your tooth.


When decay involves one of the cusps of a tooth or a cusp is missing from a tooth, a dental onlay restores the tooth to ideal function and structure. Onlays are another form of indirect dental restoration that are used by our dentists when a traditional amalgam or composite filling would be inadequate for correct restoration. Like an inlay, onlays are produced in a dental laboratory so they can be fitted to the exact shape of your tooth. Composed of either porcelain or gold, an onlay is also able to withstand the powerful forces exerted when you bite or chew.

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When receiving services for inlays and onlays at Tooth Spa in Sunnyvale, your complete restoration will require only two visits. During the first visit, we prepare your tooth and make the mold for the custom inlay or onlay. We will fit you with a temporary restoration. About two weeks later, you will return for us to permanently fit your customized inlay or onlay onto the tooth and your restoration will be complete.

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