Cosmetic Contouring

Tooth Spa offers cosmetic contouring in Sunnyvale for people looking for a beautiful smile. This modern procedure called cosmetic contouring involves the reshaping of a patient's teeth in order to achieve a better appearance and consequently a more pleasant smile. The process involves the complete removal of any parts of the teeth structure that makes your smile look less appealing. Fractured or chipped areas are smoothed out while certain edges are rounded or squared to improve the way your overall smile looks.

Cosmetic contouring is specially designed to create a better alignment of your teeth and is usually done as a preventive measure against chipped areas. This procedure does not involve any anesthetic and more than often is done together with bleaching for whiter teeth and better results.

Benefits of Cosmetic Contouring

  • Enjoy the smile that you have always dreamed of thanks to cosmetic contouring.
  • Dental contouring improves the appearance of your teeth. Another amazing benefit is that it deals with any sort of dental problems you might have. Hence, if you are tired of your cracked, crooked, chipped or irregularly shaped teeth, you definitely should try this procedure. Our Sunnyvale dentists are here to meet all your needs.
  • Correct any teeth that overlap. If you have some teeth that overlap and they prevent you from eating normally or cause additional problems, a cosmetic contouring procedure can correct your overbite.
  • One of the most amazing benefits of cosmetic contouring is that you won't have to wait for forever before you can have straight teeth and a perfect smile. Compared to other dental procedures, you can see visible results in less than three sessions.

More and more people are coming to realize the tremendous benefits of cosmetic contouring. Don't hesitate to contact Tooth Spa for cosmetic contouring in Sunnyvale.


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